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By the middle of January 1820 Abel knew that lie had not
long to lire. Hie evidence of a haemorrhage is not to be denied*
Twill fight for my life!* lie shouted in his delirium. But in more
tranquil moments, exhausted and trying to work, he drooped
''like a sick eagle looking at the sun', knowing that his weeks
were numbered.
Abel spent Ms last days at Froland, in the home of an English
family where Ms fiancee (Crelly Kemp) was-governess. His last
thoughts were for her future, and he wrote to his friend
JOelhau, "She is not beautiful; she has red hair and freckles, but
she is an admirable woman.* It was Abel's wish that Crelly and
Elelhau should .marry after Ms death; and although the two
had never met, they did as Abel had half-jokingly proposed.
.Toward the last Crelly insisted on taking care.of Abel .without.
help, to possess these last moments alone'.. Early in the morn-,
ing of 6 April 1829 he died, aged twenty-six years, eight
Two. days after Abel's death Crelie wrote to say that Ms
. negotiations had at last proved successful and that Abel would
••be .appointed .to the professorsMp of mathematics .in' the
'.'University of Berlin.                                          .             : ,